Saturday, August 16, 2008

Iris Ink Creations now on!

Earlier this summer I signed up to have a vendor booth at the Eagan Arts Festival. In preparation I made up over 150 of my photo greeting cards to have on my tables, along side my books. Most of the cards I make are made with photos taken while doing research for "Hidden Heritage" and the proceeds go back to the Lower Brule Boys & Girls Club.

I also made up two sets with photos taken on our mission trips to Iguala, Mexico, and the proceeds from those cards go to support Latin America Missions, Paul & Theresa Stilwell, Iguala, Mexico. One set is from the Mississippi Headwaters in northern MN; proceeds go to the White Earth Boys & Girls Club.

Long story short...............I only sold one card at the festival and ended up with a crate full of cards in my closet! A friend suggested I post them for sale at a website that features all homemade items for sale.

Mission accomplished this weekend! I created an account, IrisInkCreations and posted all 7 sets. Check it out if you or someone you know is looking for a gift idea!


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