Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On Top of the World Moments

This August the hubby and I joined four other couples on a motorcycle trip across the beautiful expanse of Wyoming.  We started in the Black Hills and made a circle tour out to Yellowstone and back.  Come to think of it, back in May I spent five days riding horseback near Laramie, and on this trip I rode motorcycle for five days clear across the state.  Kind of a contrast in "rides", but both offered stunning views of Wyoming's ever-changing landscape. 

Western side of Big Horn Mountains

We were blessed with perfect weather, beautiful scenery, wonderful food, and a safe journey throughout the entire trip.

Bob & Kay, Clint & Diane, Bob & Judy, Hubby & I, Todd & Char
Circle Tour Gang
Our route started in Hill City, South Dakota and took us up to Sheridan, Wyoming where we spent the first night in a cozy little motel.  That evening we walked down to the Main Street Tavern where we listened to Clint, a retired police lieutenant, tell stories from his early days as a cop.  By the end of the night our jaws were sore from laughing, and we crawled into our beds tired, but happy. 

The next morning we hopped on the bikes and began the climb in elevation as we rode across the Big Horn Mountains, west and north to Red Lodge, Montana, and then south into Wyoming again through the Beartooth Pass. 

This stretch of Highway 212 that makes up the Beartooth Pass zig-zags along the edge (and I do mean edge!) of the mountains in Montana and Wyoming at 10,900 feet in elevation with absolute breathtaking views.  At the top, the mountain landscape levels off into a wide plateau, with colorful wild flowers at every turn--pinks, reds, yellows, blues, purples--sometimes right next to a patch of snow.  In the distance icy mountain lakes reflect the clear blue sky, surrounded by rock-strewn ridges.  Part of me wondered if it looked the same as when the mountains were carved during Creation.

It was truly a top-of-the-world moment that took my breath away.  (Or was it the Wyoming wind??)  As a writer, it made me think about some of my top-of-the-world moments, like having a book signing for Hidden Heritage with Paul LaRoche on the plaza at America's majestic Mount Rushmore National Monument.  Or winning a week-long residency at the Devils Tower National Monument.  Or completing my first novel, Seeds of Salton.  True top-of-the-world moments are rare...but that's what keeps me focused, keeps me motivated to write, until I reach that next 'moment' in my writing journey. 

Our stay at the top of the world on the Beartooth Pass was short.  We needed to continue on and get to our destination before darkness settled over the mountains.  We arrived in Cooke City, Montana, just before dusk and settled into our hotel.  Later we walked up the quiet Main Street to the Miners Saloon where we once again ended our day with good food (seriously the best pizza ever!), a glass (or two) of Merlot, and lots of laughs, thankful for another day of safe travels.     

Cooke City, Montana
So, let me ask you...what are some of your top-of-the-world moments??  Please share!


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John said...

My top of the world moment is...being with you!

Your husband