Friday, July 22, 2011

Michigan and Rookie: Guardians of the Night

Joaquin and I are at six weeks and counting until Michigan and Rookie: Guardians of the Night hits the store shelves! And guess what…we can hardly wait! We’re trying to stay busy planning events to kick-off the book launch. Joaquin is connecting with “his people” in Michigan and I’ve already contacted a few of “my people” in Minnesota, hoping to capitalize on both areas when the book is released. We’ll get the word out with the details for both locations as soon as the dates and places are finalized.

Meanwhile…to whet your appetite for the book, here are some of the endorsements that have already come in:

“Officer Guerrero and Rookie were one of the hardest working canine teams we’ve had the pleasure of working with, evidenced in the pages of this book. Above all, they helped make this world a better place.”  Terry and Diane Schoenbach, Trainers/Consultants of ATF Special Response K9 Teams, Homeland Security

Terry and Diane Schoenbach

“Joaquin Guerrero used his canine partners for the betterment of all people…from community relations, to routine patrol, to his service at Ground Zero. This book shines a light on a K9 handler dedicated to utilizing his canine partner to the fullest.”  Terry Foley, Master Trainer, K9 Academy Training Facility, President of the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers

Terry Foley

“Joaquin’s desire to serve is so deep that he will go wherever he is most needed…regardless of the danger. Despite the difficulties he has encountered, Joaquin remains a man who is walking tall on life’s journey. This book will lift the spirit of all who read it.”  Paul LaRoche, Native American Cultural Role Model and Keynote Speaker, Award-winning Native American Recording Artist

Paul LaRoche

“Through Precinct 131, Joaquin made it his mission to make a positive impact in the lives of young children. What began as a short K9 demo in school classrooms, blossomed into a multifaceted ministry that reached tens of thousands! In their years of committed service together Joaquin and Rookie provided true, heartfelt definition to the meaning of ‘civil service.’ This inspiring story will empower and captivate readers everywhere!” Mike Goschka, Former Michigan State Senator

Mark your calendars--September 2011--coming to a book store near you:

Michigan and Rookie: Guardians of the Night, a story of goodheartness and faith.


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Colette said...

Picked up the book at Indian Summer (signed copy) in Milwaukee and am busy reading it. Great story so far and can't wait to finish. Love to hear about all the work and dedication that goes into the K9 training and appreciate what they did at Ground Zero. True heros and great pride in them both. THANKS for sharing your story.