Thursday, March 1, 2007


Welcome to my brand new blog! Ever since "Hidden Heritage...the Story of Paul LaRoche" was released in 2006 from Beaver's Pond Press, I have received numerous emails from people who have read the book and want to share their comments. Paul too has been stopped by a number of people at his performances who want to tell him how the book has impacted or touched their lives. Because of this, both Paul and I would like to give readers of "Hidden Heritage" a place to share comments and thoughts about Paul's unique journey.

Just two weeks ago I attended the Southern California Writers Conference in San Diego and one of the things I learned is that "blogging" is the way to go! So a big thank you to my web designer, David Schneider, for getting me set up.

For any of you writers out there, I would highly recommend this conference. There were many topics covered, a wide variety of seminars to choose from, great speakers and presenters who were very approachable. The conference went from Friday through Sunday, and it was packed full of wonderful resources for writers of all levels. I came home with a huge notebook full of notes. I must say however, the networking and contacts I made with other writers, screenwriters, agents & editors at the conference will no doubt prove even more valuable.

I am looking forward to seeing how this blog develops. Another learning curve!

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