Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Literary in Lakeville, Heritage Library

On Sunday, February 24th, I was invited to participate in a program at the Heritage Library called "Literary in Lakeville." There were three Lakeville authors as guests on a panel to discuss a wide range of topics related to writing.

I was joined with author Samuel S. Conaway, a wonderful man who has too many stories to tell in one sitting! He loves the idea of storytelling and wrote a book to promote it to young people, titled The "Tell Me a Story" Book. His stories are perfect for late night campfires, and he leaves the endings for the storyteller to fill in, depending on the audience. Quite a clever idea!

Author Dolores Attias was also on the panel, a delightful woman originally from Cuba. She has written three books, but her "prize" is one called "Dancing with Alzheimer's", chronicling a time when Dolores cared for a woman with Alzheimer's. Dolores-with-an-O, as she likes to say, was afraid she wouldn't know what to say to the audience, but when it was her turn to speak, she charmed the entire room full of people! She is a wonderful woman with a sweet spirit and a captivating accent.

A nice group of people turned out for the panel discussion, many of whom are interested in writing, of course. It was a great chance for the three of us to answer questions about some of the experiences we've had in our journeys to publication. A big "Thanks" to Murray at the Heritage Library for hosting the afternoon event. It was a great joy to meet everyone and talk about my favorite topic!


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