Thursday, May 15, 2008

Devils Tower National Monument National Writer's Residency

I have a "joy" to share...and do so as an encouragement to all of you writers out there. I just found out I am one of two writers selected for the writer's residency program at the Devils Tower National Monument in 2008, based on a sample from my current novel Seeds of Salton. I will get to spend one full week at the monument in Wyoming in October "to pursue my writing under the shadow of the tower."

Here's the cool part: back in November I was on my way to work one morning thinking how cool it would be to go to Montana this fall to research the area where my character "Grady" grew up. Then it hit me...what if I got the Devils Tower residency, I could spend 2-3 days in Montana and then go right to the Tower from there and have a full week to write about the images and ideas from Montana, newly inspired. At that instant, the traffic light ahead turned red and I pulled up to a pickup in front of me and you guessed had MONTANA license plates. To me, it was a sign...a metal one at that! But isn't that how God works...He's with us all the time in our mundane, daily routines.

Anyway, I am thrilled beyond words to think that I will be able to do exactly that...spend a few days in Montana and then have a full week to simply write! Now here's my note of encouragement...last year I had applied for the residency and when I told a lady who lives close to the Tower I didn't get it, she looked right at me and said very firmly, "Well, try again!" don't give up so easily. Duh! It was a good lesson for me.

As you can imagine, I can hardly wait to go! My goal is to stay on task all summer and complete my first draft of Seeds of Salton. Happy writing to all!

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