Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time of Transition

Today I finished my novel Seeds of Salton. I mean really, finished.  The edits are complete; the manuscript is complete--Chapter One through Chapter 30.  It's an odd feeling.  After all, this is the story I've been involved with on an intimate basis nearly every day for the past three years.  I know the very heart of my protaganist, Grady Kramer; I've felt his pain.  My writing journey has included two trips to Eastern Montana and of course countless hours at my computer.  That's why it's a little hard to let the book simply sit on the corner of my desk. I'm tempted to carry the manuscript with me everywhere I go, just to show people...look what I've accomplished; look what I've spent the last three years of my life doing. 

And I do this because I love to write. 
Seeds of Salton is in fact a beautifully moving story of courage, love, and the transforming power of forgiveness. 
The book runs 370 pages in length, 97,000 words, (general fiction), and has been through a content edit and a minor copy edit with Susanne Lakin, an editor/author from San Jose, California.  What I love about Susanne is that she "gets" my protaganist, Grady Kramer and the difficult relationship Grady has with his father, Frank Kramer.

But now comes a time of waiting...

...waiting for the right agent to act on behalf of Grady Kramer.

...waiting for a contract with a publisher. 

In the mean time I need to keep writing.  And fortunately I have another incredible story to write.  It's a non-fiction project titled, Michigan and Rookie...Guardians of the Night, A remarkable story of a cop and his K-9 partner Rookie, dedicated to serving their community as the eyes and ears of the night. 

More to come on that later...

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