Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vee Bar Highlights

Howdy!  (FYI, that's how you greet someone in Wyoming.)

Let me backtrack for just a minute...last Christmas I received a beautiful travel journal from our daughter Summer & her husband, Grant.  Knowing I was already registered for the Literature and Landscape Retreat at the Vee Bar Ranch in Wyoming, I saved the journal specifically for my trip west. 

Right after returning home from Wyoming, however, I had a chain reaction of events that kept me from having access to my computer, subsequently delaying any posts or making a fun photoshow, like Page, Jenny and Alice did.  And now, since a whole month has passed, I thought the best way to share the experience is to simply make a list of some of the highlights.  (My new journal even had a space to record the highlights!)

Day 1 - listening to the rushing of the Little Laramie Creek & the birds singing, watching the sun going down--all from the Adirondack chair on my front porch, with a glass of wine in hand.

Day 2 - watching the wranglers--Tommy, Darcy, Dave, Connor, Brent--bring in the whole herd of 60 horses from the pasture to the corral

Day 3 - riding bareback on Jello with Tommy telling stories; the beauty of the Little Laramie River Valley in every direction

Day 4 - a few, brief moments where I felt like I belonged in the saddle with Lollipop! 

Day 5 - writing the poem, Little Laramie

Day 6 - view from the camp up on Centennial Ridge at the neighboring Deerwood Ranch, about 9,700 feet elevation

Added to that were all the nice people I met, sixteen writers from all over the US and two from Canada, plus Page and Sheri who facilitated the retreat, and all the wonderful staff at the Vee Bar.  As I get back on track here at home and relive some of my thoughts from Wyoming, I'll share more about this unique experience.


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Anonymous said...

Just so you know, if you visit the campus of Texas A and M University, you will also be greeted with a "Howdy." It's an Aggie thing, too. So if I failed to greet you with a Howdy in Wyoming, which I probably did, it's just because of a momentary relapse of my sometimer's disease. You know the one; sometimes I remember and sometimes I don't.