Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Nation - Craftsman Award

The Tournament of Roses Parade went off without a hitch...once again a beautiful and colorful display of imagination and creative thinking.  "One Nation", sponsored by RFD-TV won the Craftsman Award.  The float was 75 feet in length and 35 feet tall, and represented a Lakota Fancy Dancer, patterned after Garan Coons, one of the Fancy Dancers for Brule'. 

Photo of One Nation, by Getty Images
January 1, 2011
Courtesy of Daylife
 I haven't had a chance to speak with Paul LaRoche since the parade to hear all the details.  He did say in an interview with the Worthington Globe, "It's a pretty exciting occasion for a kid from Worthington!"  Brule' performed in the front of the float for the full parade route, while other tribal representatives walked alongside. 

Pretty exciting stuff, indeed!

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