Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lakeville Book Club

This past Tuesday night I was invited to share at the monthly meeting of a book club in Lakeville. I must say they are a delightful group of ladies! Cindy Korpela hosted the event in her home with scrumptious appetisers, wine, coffee, and treats. How can you go wrong there! The book club consists of: Sheri O'Shaunassey, Sandy Woker, Nora O'Leary, Barb Becker, Claudia Nelson, Bev Wood, Kathy Culp, Cindy Korpela, Rosemary Mikkelson, and Jane Hotzler. They meet once a month and discuss their current book selection, reading a wide selection of genres throughout the year.

On Tuesday the group came together to discuss, Hidden Heritage...the Story of Paul LaRoche. Typically most people who read Hidden Heritage are fans of Paul and his music, or simply know either Paul or myself. These ladies, however, chose to read the book as "readers." I couldn't help wonder what these true readers would think of the book or my writing.

Not to worry, each of the ladies said they enjoyed the book, and wanted to know more about Paul & Kathy. Since most of them had not heard Paul's music, I brought my collection of Brule'/AIRO CDs and no surprise, they loved the music right away. It was a unique chance for me to share some things that I did as a writer, and ask for their reaction as the reader. The intimate setting of Cindy's home made it easy to talk openly about a number of the issues that took place throughout Paul's journey. As often the case, different ones picked up on different things in the book. It was a wonderful opportunity to answer their questions and also share more about the process of writing the book.

A great big "Thank you" to Jane for inviting me, to Cindy for hosting the event, and to the entire book club for choosing Hidden Heritage as one of their selections.


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