Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest - Quarterfinals!!

I, along with a thousand other writers, waited not-so-patiently yesterday for the posting of the quarterfinal entries.  This is the stage in the contest where hopeful authors go down from 1,000 to 250.  I won't say how many times I logged on to  check the Amazon/abna website, but finally around ten o'clock central time zone, the list was posted. 

My husband happened to be in my office when I scrolled the list (going alphabetical by last name), down through A, B, C...K, L, M...Ma  and we both spotted it simultaneously:

Marshak, Barbara - Seeds of Salton  (And both cheered simultaneously:  Wha-hooh!)

It may or may not meaning anything to my career--time will tell--nonetheless it brings a good dose of encouragement as I prepare to head off to Colorado tomorrow for the Northern Colorado Writers Conference in Fort Collins. 

Until the next round!

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