Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Northern Colorado Writers Conference

My good friend and writing buddy, Julie Saffrin, and I attended the Northern Colorado Writers Conference (NCWC) this past weekend in Fort Collins.  We met lots of friendly writers--mostly all from Colorado--and connected with quite a few, collecting the usual array of author business cards and postcards.  The workshops were helpful and enjoyable, like "Selling your book to film and television" with Ken Sherman, or "Intimate emotions, universal themes & synchronicity" with Page Lambert.  It was fun to meet Page before I attend the "Landscape and Literature" retreat that she is hosting in Wyoming this May.

Kerrie Flanagan, Director of the NCWC, did an amazing job overseeing the many aspects of a large conference, and took care of everyone's needs with a smile on her face.  The keynotes were great, starting with author/screenwriter Stephen Cannell on Friday, and Colorado author Todd Mitchell on Saturday.

I had a pitch session with agent Rachelle Gardner, which was my main reason for attending this particular conference.  I think both my novel "Seeds of Salton" and my new nonfiction book "Michigan & Rookie" will appeal to a crossover audience.  From what I've read about Rachelle I think she might have the ideal background for these types of stories.  Time will tell...  :)

Of course I love traveling west for any reason--and combining Colorado and writing makes it even better.  Old Town Fort Collins had lots of cool shops and restaurants and we had a gorgeous view of the Rockies--that alone was worth the trip!  The conference was held at the Hilton and I must say "Hilton" is the way to go--no more Motel 6's for me! :) I loved having four feather pillows on my bed!

Meanwhile, now it's time to get back to the new episodes for "Hidden Heritage" on RFD-TV and start on my book proposal for "Michigan and Rookie...Guardians of the Night."  It seems I never run out of things to write, which is a good thing!


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